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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 3, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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do? doing what he loved to do the most, which was to help people. >> reporter: among thousands watching from shore, his dahter. >> it's tough. but it's beautiful at the same time. >> reporter:r:s it passed ground zero, the crew snapped to attention. their ship may be brand new but already it has a lot to live up top. david wright, abc news. >> stay with us for "good morning amererica" com just moments away, it is election day, 2009. we will have complete coverage. >> you see it in everybody else's neighborhood. >> a gruesome discovery in a prince william county home. two teenagers were found shot to
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death. >> an important consumer alert. a beef recall. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute good tuesday morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison staing. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with. brander graft. a chilly start. >> we have some cool air in place. -- let's start with brian van de graaff. 40 in beltsville. 37 in manassas. your forecast today, sunshine mixing with clouds. will climb into the low 60's. a good day to get out. -- we will climb into the low 60's. >> no problems to report around
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the beltway. 95 between fredericksburg and springfield, there has been an accident southbound after 17. it is tying up the left side of the road under way to fredericksburg. it looks great after a fredericksburg up to the beltway. headlights approaching for 95 in springfield. more to come on the traffic end side. get out and vote today. >> thank you. it is election day. voters will head to the polls in just 60 minutes to decide whether creigh deeds or bob mcdonnell will spend the next four years in the governor's mansion. there was a series of setbacks. >> the race could come down to turnout. courtney robinson is live and alexandria. >> just about an hour and toll
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polls like the present here at riverside elementary school opened. there will be open until 7:00 p.m. it has been a hard-fought race. the candidates will be across the state trying to convince voters to get out and vote. for the past 32 years, the party that wins the white house loses the governor's mansion. this morning it is all about turnout for bob mcdonnell and creigh deeds. >> i believe the votes are out there. i know they are out there. >> the virtual underdog in the final hours of the campaign, deeds hit the campaign hard. he had a heavy push for votes. >> if you are in with me for the next 24 hours, i will be all in for you as governor.
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>> in his final blitz, bob mcdonnell kicked things off with a broom, signaling a sweep. democrats had occupied the corpse seat for the past eight years. he is not counting his lead as a victory. he needs voters to hit the polls. >> go find all your friends in virginia. we want lower taxes and entrepreneurship. >> they are hoping for 45% turnout. about 99,000 have voted absentee. we will see what happens as the polls open in just about an hour. both candidates are looking for returns in richmond later tonight. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. here are some other races
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will be watching. bolling is facing democrats jody wagner. she trails bolling. shannon is up for the attorney general. he is down by 20 points. democrats are hoping for success in new jersey. it is a dead heat for a jon corzine and chr christy. a loss for corzine would not look good for president obama. another race to watch is in new york. the republican dropped out of the race overthe weekend. she tossed her support behind bill owens, the democratic opponent. there also a dozen local
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elections throughout the metro region. for complete results, stay with abc 7 and news channel 8. there was apparently a murder suicide involving two teenagers. this happened in triangle. one 17-year-old girl lived at the home. the girl's father found the bodies around 5:00 p.m. yesterday in an upstairs bedroom. police are searching for two men connection with a shooting at gold's gym. the man approached a man and try to rob him. he was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. one of the suspects is described as black with a tear drop tattoo > some house fires are being looked at in upper
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marlboro. it took firefighters 30 minutes to bring it under control. we're told no one was home at the time. in montgomery county, nearly two dozen pets died in a house fire in rockville. the blaze started in the basement and spread. five adults are now displaced. there were 23 pet birds inside the home. all but one died in the fire. still ahead, metro's money woes. they get some extra cash, but how far will it ride. >> a shot into right. what a series for utley. >> it will be back for the bronx. the phillies forced a game 6. >> it is noticeably cooler outside this morning.
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we have some patchy fog. what does th
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tuesday morning, election day. good morning. adam caskey live outside
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wakefield high school. it is a polling locations in arlington. it is noticeably cooler now than it was at this time yesterday. notice the humidity, the relative humidity, up to 100%. that tells us the air is saturated and there is some fog across the area. despite cooler temperatures, it will be warmer this afternoon the yesterday. mid 60's with a lot of sunshine and some passing clouds. get out and vote. >> election day traffic looks good out of fredericksburg to get up to the beltway. no problems to report on 395. there is a crash southbound interstate 95 after 17 on your way into fredricksburg.
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nothing to report to loudoun county. this is the dulles toll road and 28 and it all looks great. back to the news desk. >> thank you. there is some encouraging news about metro's finance is. metro officials say it will be able to come up with about $36 million to plug the budget gap. much of the money will come from stimulus and insurance money as well as inaugural reimbursement. a bigger deficit is inspected for the next fiscal year which begins july 1. 44 degrees in rosslyn. >> check your freezer. we have some details of a major meat recall. we have some details of a major meat recall. >> we will have a check on the
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president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement...
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of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia!
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in our top stories, voters will start heading to the polls in just under an hour to decide virginia's political future. the latest poll has bob mcdonnell way out in front with 15 points over creigh deeds. >> the health care bill headed for a vote in the house is apparently more expensive than advertised. it will cost $1.2 trillion or more over a decade. several business groups have launched a campaign against it. >> president obama is warning hamid karzai to end the
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corruption in this country. he won election by default after his only challenger drops out. the president is still deciding whether to send more troops to the war zone. >> the swine flu vaccine -- a single dose works well for almost all pregnant women. young children will need two doses for best results. just 25% had a strong response after 21 days. among the three to 9 year old, another percentage did. a second dose helped. montgomery cnty officials say they are giving their last 250 jectable doses to pregnant women only. >> the vaccine we have right now is the only thing that pregnant
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women can take. this seemed to be the best way to get a limited vaccine to a high-risk category. >> vaccine orders placed by doctors' offices are starting to come in. one doctor received some vaccine doses yesterday but only half the amount he had hoped for. 5:16. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. >> i just got a call from my sleep beat your who said, i was getting coffee. which direction is that crashed? >> it is southbnd interstate 95 coming from 17 towards route 3. southbound 95. the accident has one lane blocked. northbound to get up into woodbridge, everything is open for us now. here is a quick glimpse of camera out of newington to the
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beltway. it looks good. let's go live to the 14th street bridge traffic. it is moving beautifully. let's go to whether it now. >> we are waking up to 30's and 40's this morning. 45 in gaithersburg. 45 in alexandria. a crisp start to our day. we will see milder air as a cold front swings through. it will be breezy at times and partly sunny as the afternoon wears on. cooler air will sink in. by overnight time, we will feel some chilly air in place. partly sunny skies tomorrow. we could have a few sprinkles and some extra clouds. it does look like plenty of sunshine just in time for the weekend. partly sunny. notice how much cooler we are
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for the midweek. total sunshine for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. good news for music fans. the beatles catalog has hit the man. >> a digital movie service from best buy. >> best buy is launching a movie service. they're setting up a digital delivery service making it easier to rent and buy movies over the internet. the software will be included on all devices sold by best buy including tvs and computers. apple may be looking to expand its foothold in video delivery. they are trying to round up support for a monthly subscription service for itunes. customers would get unlimited access to tv shows on itunes for $30 a month.
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the company recently released the latest version of its soccer game, fifa 10. >> what is good is that it plays more like real soccer. soccer videogames get easy after a while. you keep hitting the past button. you do not have to play it like a real soccer. they have changed all that in the new game. you have to concentrate on individual dribbling. it is a real feeling with all the details. >> it is available for all the major video game consoles. the beatles' music is now available digitally. a website is selling the entire catalog for the low price of 25 cents per mp0-3.
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it does not appear to the beatles have licensed their music to the website. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard. 5:20, 45 deees. >> the fighting phils say, not in our house. they send the series back to the bronx. >> later on "oprah," after 26 years away from the anger chair, all part returns to tv news.
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whatever happens in the rest of the world series, a new legend has already been born. >> and a fly ball into right. back at the wall. utley goes deep. >> chase utley has homered five times now. the phillies and needed every bit of his offense. they beat the yankees 8-6. the yankees still lead three games to two. >> alex ovechkin has only missed four games in his career. that number may double. he went down in sunday's game with an upper body strain.
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he is classified as weekendto k to week. he will miss wednesday's game. he is leading the league in goals and points. the redskins went back to work after a bye week. the skins' record is 2-5. they face atlanta on the road this weekend. the falcons will not get much rest. they beat the saints last night. the saints are for real. drew brees passed for over 300 yards. the saints won. 5:25. a major merger in the tool business. the fed talks interest rates. linda bell has more.
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>> good morning. we have a big merger in the power tools business. i'm talking about talks. it has been three decades. stanley works is buying black and decker. it is worth $4.5 billion. black and decker is valued at about 22%ore than a yesterday's closing price. there is a federal reserve meeting. a key topic maybe the plan to stop buying mortgage-backed securities. some analysts say if that plan does not work, the fed may lose its independence. ford was a big gainer yesterday. it gained about 8%. they had a surprise profit. keep an eye on the automakers today. there will be reporting their october sales figures today.
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stock index futures right now are indicating a lower opening on wall street. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 5:26, 44 degrees. the news continues. >> in our next half-hour, putting limits on the mayor's power. >> at a campus comes together after a second act of alleged hate. >> prince william county police are still investigating what they believe is a murder suicide. it involves a teenager. i will have that story in a live report. >> we are live in the weather center. it is tuesday. we do have
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington" on a tuesday. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. . it it is chilly outside. pretty fall foliage. >> it has peaked for sure. i want to show you some of the ranges of temperatures. low 40's to the upper 30's. your forecast today, sunshine mixing with some clouds. temperatures will climb. let's say good morning to lisa baden.
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>> traffic fines things of various move right now in and out of baltimore nice. nothing to report all the way around the beltway. this is 270 traffic right and left side, to win from the beltway looks good. 270 at montrose road, a smooth transition to get into rockville. there is a crash southbound on 95. there is one after 17 in the left lane. back to alison and doug. >> thank you. the deaths of two teenagers has left the town of triangle in shock. >> it was an apparent murder- suicide. this happened on oakdale circle. matt brock has more without the community is coping. >> police are still looking into this. they refused to classify it as a murder-suicide, but that is
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apparently what happened. we have a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy. inside this home, a father discovered a parent's worst nightmare -- the bodies of his teenage daughter and her friend. >> he came home and discovered the bodies. >> the forest park high school students were found in an upstairs bedroom. police do not believe anyone else was involved. >> we're not looking for a murder suspect here. >> neighbors say the teenage perot were relatively new in the neighborod. >> they moved in about a year or two ago. there would ask about neighborhood types of things. >> i had no idea at something like this would go on in our neighborhood. you never think of your own neighborhood.
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>> both of these kids were forest park high school students. they will work with the school to make sure grief counselors are there. this school is closed today for election day. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. people in northwest d.c.'s chevy chase neighborhood are on alert after two overnight burglaries. bandits struck along chevy chase parkway while residents were sleeping inside. at one home, burglars cut open a window screen and stole computers and a purse. that some night, burglars stole another house on the same street. a show of support for two georgetown students who were apparently the victims of anti- gay hate crimes. two assaults occurred off
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campus. a written slur was posted on the lesbian gay and bisexual transsexual resource center. police are investigating all of these incidents. gay marriage is one step closer to becoming legal in the district. more than 150 people spok at a public hearing. andrew propose to a partner to congralations from council members and to outrage from some opponents. >>, i have never -- i have been down here to testify, but for something like this to happen, there is no respect. >> we get called names. this makes us feel better about ourselves. >> a bill to legalize marriage is expected next week. opponents are vowing to undertake legal action if it is
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signed into law. montgomery county is extending -- is considering a bill which would extend more benefits. harry thomas plans to introduce emergency legislation that would set new limits on the fenty administration. the office of the chief financial officer would be prohibited from transferring money to the d.c. housing authority for 90 days. the council would need to be notified about in the transactions of $75,000 or greater. more than 6000 educators can credit their paychecks to stimulus funds. this is the finding of a new report. more than 4500 positions have been saved or created in virginia.
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in maryland, that figure is more than 1900. in d.c., 141 education jobs have been saved or created. president obama says the jobless rate will continue to grow. the white house is racing for a report on the latest unemployment numbers. rate could jump from 9.8% to 10%. more people will lose jobs despite the economic growth we have seen. the senate is set to vote on a new economic bill that would extend the first-time home buyer tax credit through the month of april. 5:36, 44 degrees. >> a closer look at battleground virginia. mike allen joins us to see what is at stake in the state races and won the white house will be watching.
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>> you trust the manufacturers are putting out a good product. " another food recall has some shoppers frightens. >> adam and lisa are coming back shoppers frightens. >> adam and lisa are coming back with another check on the s
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president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference.
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that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia! and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, weow promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> hello. we're here at the national zoo.
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imagine if you had these boys of your breakfast table. we're trying to teach them some manners at breakfast time. the morning, washington. >> did she say she was feeding them bananas? >> i did not hear that. >> i do not know. >> that would be interesting. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with adam caskey. he is live in arlington this morning. >> we are at wakefield high school. the polls opened in 20 minutes. it is vy quiet at this time around here. a pleasant neighborhood. we will try to keep it quiet. it is about 10 dgrees cooler than yesterday at this time. you can see your breath out here this morning. relative humidy is at 10%. -- is at 10100%.
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it will be warmer today than yesterday. capon bridge, 30 degrees. middleburg, 33. below freezing in a few nooks and crannies. on our way to the mid 60's on this election day. cooler tomorrow. mid 50's. >> election day traffic looks fabulous. no issues to report around the beltway. a crash 95 south in newington is completely gone. in maryland, running very smoothly on the beltway as you see here at colesville road. we take the next into virginia. things are off to it very good run for now. this is live in shirlington. back to alison and doug. >> thank you. if you get caught on one of maryland's new speed cameras, you're getting more time to adjust to new realities.
5:42 am
they are extending the warning period for another two weeks. starting november 15, each ticket will cost you $40. 5:41, 45 degrees. a one-on-one with a political correspondent about election day. >> video you have to see to believe. >> polls open in just about 20 minutes. >> polls open in just about 20 minutes. impact fishing markets in japan, marine legislation in the u.s., and food consumption in italy?
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at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 80% of our mutual funds t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and more information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. 5:45. virginia's governor's race comes
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down to today's vote. polls open in just a few minutes. bob mcdonnell has had a double- digit lead over creigh deeds for much of this campaign. >> federal health officials confirmed just one dose of the h1n1 flu vaccine works well for pregnant women. young children still need two treatment. the swine flu is widespread now in 48 states. >> north korea is trying to get the u.s. into direct negotiations. they have finished processing 8000 spent fuel rods that now could give that nation enough plutonium to make at least one atomic bomb. >> 26 illnesses may be linked to fresh ground beef that has been recalled. it may be contaminated with e. coli bacteria.
5:47 am
it was produced by the fare banks farms and was distributed from north carolina to maine. >> lasagna for dinner, it is a little scary. >> officials are asking customers to throw away any beef with est492 written on the label. 5:46 is your time on this tuesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it looks like we will have some sunshine. >> a little bit of a breeze. then we will cool off for this weekend. there will be some cool air. let's dive right in. outside, upper 30's. 38 in chantilly. 44 in annapolis. let's look at the satellite
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radar picture. uc a few clouds out of there. there is a weak storm system moving in. a couple of clouds. -- you see a few clouds out of there. these winds will kick in and bring in some cooler air. it approaches for tomorrow. we go from low to mid 60's today into the low to mid 50's tomorrow. parlous on it for most of the week. we have some sprinkles possible to more 9. not a big deal. sun mixing with clouds. no excuse why you shouldn't go out and vote. we had through the afternoon with winds of about five to 15. the average temperature at this time of year, low 60's. the winds will calm down.
5:49 am
temperatures will drop back. wickets is an upper 30's in the district. anywhere -- we could see winds in the upper 30's in the district. tomorrow will be kind of a similar day. temperatures will be a bit cooler. partly cloudy. maybe a couple of sprinkles. temperatures on wednesday it will be in the mid 50's. looking beyond, we have a good chance of sunshine to stick around for friday, saturday, sunday, and even into monday. back to you. >> thank you. 5:49 is your time. let's check in with philip stewart at the live at desk. >> we want to start with a look back at last night's "dancing with the stars. " is featured two dances with
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each celebrity. in the individual bands, the standout performance came from aaron carter. in the teen dance, and team tango took the top spot. two more contestants will be sent home during tonight's elimination round. macy's is rooting for philadelphia in the world series. in yesterday's paper, they ran a t-shirt ed, congratulating the phillies for winning back-to- back championships. the problem is that the series is not over yet. the home team is down three games to two. they have issued an apology to their readers. a hot video on the web. look at this. a forklift driver in moscow was sampling too much of his own product. he plowed his vehicle into the
5:51 am
shells of vodka in the storeroom where he worked. the result was a huge crash were uc. $150,000 worth of liquor came down on him. he escaped without injury. it could be a whole lot worse. >> he might have been sampling the product. >> i think so. having a couple of sips. >> just amazing how much damage it did. >> it was like the domino effect. >> intoxicated. >> are right, thank you so much. >> intoxicated. >> are right, thank you so much.
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the time is 5:53. voters hit the polls in virginia to elect a new governor. bob mcdonnell has the lead. polls closed at 7:00 p.m. >> the department of health will hold two more swine flu vaccination clinics. >> president obama will meet with angela merkel this morning. afterwards, she will deliver a
5:55 am
joint address to congress focused on climate change. >> voters start casting ballots in virginia, new jersey, and new york. >> there could be some backlash against the white house. mike aen joins us now with a closer look. the big question, the outcomes of these elections. are they a referendum of president obama? >> whether or not they are, there will be portrayed that way. republicans surprisingly are dealing with the possibility that they will go 3-0 today. they will win it va., new jersey, and a congressional race in new york. it will make it harder for president obama to give democrats in conservative districts and it will not want to walk the plank if he is unpopular.
5:56 am
>> he helped campaign for these people. >> he threw himself in. here in virginia, creigh deeds has put it all in with obama. the tv, the mail, even the cards they hand out in church. >> the white house is taking some action to minimize if it is a rout. >> they put out the word that creigh deeds has not taken their advice and he has been in a tough environment. three big things to stay in the game. he can lose by as much as 12 points. he can do better in northern virginia that he thought he could do. he has been in the mid 50's. wake up the sleepy obama voters. they carried virginia. a million people probably will not vote today.
5:57 am
pump up at the african american vote. >> we are seeing dissension in the ranks of republicans saying we do not want these moderate candidates. the two-party protesters are saying this. we want to get the conservative candidates in. others say this is a grass-roots movement that will lead the way to a revival of that party. >> that is the one way democrats can win today. that is if the split in the republican party is exposed and if they are finding themselves. suddenly they face primaries across the country. bob mcdonnell has avoided that. he is socially conservative. he has been out every day talking about schools, jobs, energy. he tries to keep a very
5:58 am
specific. he is running the biggest northern virginia campaign than any gubernatorial republican ever has. you used to think that we will run the vote downstate. but now, we're so big up here, they cannot make it there. >> we will be watching. >> happy super tuesday. >> thank you, mike. we have a lot more still to come. >> afghanistan's president is looking toward the future. what it means for the white house war strategy. >> police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide and this one involves two teenagers. i will have that story coming up. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.
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